Marina Caneve uses photography as a means of exploration, giving shape to a project that functions as an organism, an articulated system of stratified relations and meanings. Starting with a reflection on the relationship between the Arts and the Sciences, as evoked by Mario Sironi’s fresco in the Rector’s Hall, the author develops a broad reflection on the theme of knowledge. By observing the collections used for teaching purposes in various Faculties and moving through objects ranging from an early 20th-century tattoo to 18th-century Herbaria, from the plaster casts of the Museum of Classical Art to the exhibits of the Museum of Pathological Anatomy, the author questions the construction of doctrine knowledge, classification systems, the nature of exhibition devices and their scientific, cultural, educational and aesthetic implications.
- Simona Antonacci

This project is made for Atlante Sapienza_22 - Collezione Fotografia MAXXI Architettura