As part of an artistic residency, Marina Caneve has been invited by the Comunità Cultura Patrimonio to involve the population of Lusiana Conco in her photographic research. In collaboration with teenagers, she explored the topic of marble extractionand manufacture, which has been central for the economy of the area of Lusiana Conco for decades.

The physical, social and economic appearance of the Asiago Plateau, of which Lusiana Conco is part, took shape from the contamination between geography, geology and human activities.
‘A fior di terra’ explores the cultural memory of the marble tradition by evoking a reflection on our relationship with the environment assembling an archive of suggestions, historical data, scientific data, images and testimonies. 

The work created is presented as a newspaper designed by Metodo where visual suggestions and parallel narratives build a bridge between historical memory and the present. The format of the newspaper was chosen to give back to the community an authentically public, accessible and usable artwork.

The work is made for the 'Comunità/ Cultura/Patrimonio' project, supported by Fondazione Cariverona and promoted by the municipalities of Lusiana Conco and Bassano del Grappa. Research coordination Irene Bagnara.